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Pricelist - Company formation

Limited company (s.r.o.) formation from € 700

Joint stock company (a.s.) formation from € 2,500

Prices include:

  • the preparation of all required legal documentation
  • the arrangement and organisation of the constituting company general meeting
  • lodging an application for entry in the Commercial Register
  • signature attestation
  • dealings with the Commercial Court
  • processing an unqualified trade (no special qualification required)
  • registering the company for income tax
Court and notary charges:
  • court fee for entering the company in the Commercial Register € 210
  • notarial fee (the cost of a notarial deed and with it the fee for the formation of a company may change in the case of setting up a company with registered capital that is higher than the minimum required by law at the wish of a client)
    • LLC (s.r.o) with authorized capital CZK 200,000 app. € 210
    • JSC (a.s.) with authorized capital CZK 2,000,000 app. € 630
Additional services:
  • registration for VAT € 125
  • processing a professional trade1) and a vocational trade2) € 125
  • fee for providing a loan to pay off registered capital € 170


1) learned and skilled professions

2) requiring a vocational certificate

Prices of additional services are shown exclusive of VAT.

The prices specified in EUR are indicative only. They will be converted at the moment of sale according the current exchange rate.

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